Article 1

It is a two-stage gear cicloturista , Girona Pyrenees called noncompetitive CHALLENGE.

The output will be in the town of Sarria de Ter (Girona) the day 5 October 2019 to the

9:00 hours from the sports area.

The collection of numbers will be:
Friday the 4 October from the 18:30h at 20:30h BiciEscapa Girona
Saturday 5 October 7 a.m. to 8:45h Restaurant Cooperative

The bib must be worn visibly.

Article 2

The organization of PIRINEU GIRONACHALLENGE corresponde market only in Cycling Club Sarria de Ter in the province of Girona. registered in the register of entidadess deportivas the Government of Catalonia.

Article 3

It is not a competition.

Participants keep a chip as a security measure to take control of their passage by goal. The results of these times are merely informative is a test not competitive cyclist where all participants must comply with traffic regulations.

Article 4

Being a bike ride - cycling trail, walking paths will NOT be closed to traffic, Therefore, All participants are required to comply with the rules of the road, It is solely responsible for the violations they might commit. They will be in addition to compulsory attend and obey the directions of the law enforcement officers and members of the organization duly identified. As well as the use of protective helmets mandatory. In this sense the right lane of the direction of travel may only be used.

Article 5

For the safety of all the start and end of the "caravan cyclist" it shall be demarcated. Under no circumstances should overtake the vehicle marked with the red flag that marks the beginning of the group. Likewise at the time that the vehicle carrying the green flag forward to a participant, This will automatically outside the aforementioned safety capsule, being able to continue his March with total normality, but taking into account that remains under his responsibility the monitoring and compliance of road traffic (something that should not be at any time, even within the safety capsule).

Article 6

The organization shall have 4 Refreshments, in the first stage and 3 in the second stage. All but the first of the first stage will be liquid and solid. Being located in:


• 1 furnishingA: bASKET

• 2nd furnishingA: carpet

• 3rd furnishingA: Prats-de-Mollo

• 4th feed / Food: Camprodón


• 1 furnishingA:Volcanic Olot

• 2nd furnishingA: Santa Maria de Porqueres

• 3rd furnishingA / Food: SARRIA DE TER

The Organization reserves the right to refuse admission and the relocation of such refreshment by force majeure, warning in advance at the exit, New arrangement thereof.

Article 7

To achieve greater equity, all those who for any other reason or need to grip the cars or using any other unsportsmanlike stratagem, They will be declassified.

Article 8

The organization makes an appeal to all participants, companions and supporters, to cooperate in preserving the environment. Both during the tour, as in those points of encounter and rest, It will also include containers for the removal of wastes. A participant that is detected by throwing wrappers, plastics, etc. It was arranged for this purpose containers, or attempting voluntarily against natural heritage it will be immediately expelled from the march and denounced by the organization to the competent authorities.

Article 9

Registration will close once have covered the 250 places available or on Friday 20 September to 10:00 hours. A registration is to be effective, This should be accompanied by the corresponding proof of payment, of the opposite, be declared null and void.

Article 10

Being a bike ride - great background cyclosportive noncompetitive, qualifying awards are not granted.

By the mere fact of register, the organization will donate to each participant a gift valued at 79 EUR, Besides having the right to the aid stations during running and lunch on Saturday and Sunday.

The inscriptions are made before 8 September are assured of shirt size. or gift that is designated. The registrations after this date is not guaranteed 100% The size selected.

Article 11

All participants of the two stages with the registration fee will have the following.

• 3 liquid/solid refreshment first stage + 1 liquid

• Final Stage Food

• 2 refreshment liquid/solid phase

• Final Food second stage


• Mechanical assistance en route

• Medical assistance

• Transportation of luggage

• Vehículos Asistencia

• Service showers

•Wellcome pack

Article 12

Participants in the bike ride Girona Pyrenees CHALLENGE ”, they will be covered by the appropriate insurance

Article 13

Cycling Club Sarria de Ter, as organizer, as well as corporate sponsors of the event, they are not responsible for accidents in which could be cause or victims participating cyclists, as neither of the expenses, debts or damages that could collapse during operation.

Article 14

Once formalized registration, each participant agrees this particular regulation in its entirety.

Article 15

The organization reserves the right to cancel the test if it does not reach a minimum of 150 participants.

Article 16

Returns. The organization does not assume any responsibility or perform refund of registration to weather conditions or force majeure not attributable to the organization that prevent holding the bike ride safely.

The refund of registration shall be conducted only in the following case:

  • full refund minus expenses: Only people who contract cancellation insurance through the registration form for an amount of € 20 will be entitled to a refund of registration less management fees amounting to 35 €. The cancellation insurance is valid until 10 of May, from this date cancellation insurance becomes invalid.
  • Annulling the participant registration or go to the delivery of ridges will not receive the maillot, which it is exclusive to participants.
  • Name changes have an additional cost of 20 €, and can be made until 13 September. In no case will be able to change the size and model maillot.

This information can suffer modifications. Consulted before the date of the March.