The bike ride runs entirely by the region of Girona and Vallespir ( France)

Most populations are rural, connected together by winding roads most of them in perfect condition.

The end of the first stage is one of the towns Camprodón more interest de Catalunya. Located in the Pyrenees with many activities to do with the accompanying.

Sarria de Ter

Sarria de Ter – Girona town of departure and arrival of Girona Escape Challenge. Very cozy small population that joins Girona with bike path vordeando the river Ter. The Escape Shop, departure and arrival of the march was the first pulp mill in Spain.


Starting point of the first stage and second stage arrival of Pirineu Girona challange. Population with a large volume of athletes on their roads or paddled by the "Estany de Banyoles". It has all the services.


very welcoming population which will cross in the first km of walking.


Boadella d'Emporda

Population guarded by a castle and the Boadella an economic engine of this population


Population based economic activity in beekeeping and Ramaderia. It is also area wine and olive.

Massanet de Cabrenys

Municipality located at the very base of the eastern Pyrenees, well he is known for its water and its sources.


Small and aesthetics French population Catalunya, under the gaze of Pyrenees-Orientales, Languedoc-Roussillon region and region of Vallespir


Population of French Catalunya, very particular the wall surrounding the city center, with cobbled streets and home port Coll d'Ares, last day.


One of the most popular tourist towns of Catalunya. Its location offers beautiful mountain views.


Very sparsely inhabited population which is dominated by its high castle offers very unique views of the Alta Garrotxa and the Pyrenees


Small picturesque town that is an architectural gem with its streets, bridges and bathroom areas recondite.


The village is surrounded by forests and meadows, it is ideal to take a bath in the river. ideal for climbing place.

Sales de Llierca

Town noted for its concentration of Romanesque churches.


Beuda a perfect communion between nature and medieval architecture occurs, including several family houses, Romanesque monasteries and ancestral castle.


An impressive fortified bridge leads to Besalú, one of the best preserved medieval sets of Catalonia. Because of its location it has been a meeting point for farmers, artisans, traders and businessmen.